Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Brother Logan

After one week of being a big brother, Logan still doesn't really acknowledge Aaron's presence. He isn't necessarily sad or mad about his existence; He just doesn't want much to do with him. I bought Andrew a heart shaped picture frame for Valentine's day and was planning on having a picture of the boys in it, but we have yet to get a good picture of them together.

When we discussed it, Logan was excited to visit the hospital when Aaron was born. But when Andrew brought him into the room after picking him up from school on Friday, Logan turned around and opened the door and walked right out. He didn't cry or complain though. My mom was holding Aaron when they walked in so that I could be available for Logan, so when Andrew brought him back in we persuaded him onto the bed with me. From then on, he was very comfortable on my bed and all over the room.

For the hour or so he was there we had fun opening Logan's gifts and watching him explore the room. He wanted to push every button and climb on and off the bed. When Andrew and my mom were leaving with him he said, "Come home Mommy. Leave baby Aaron here." My heart was broken. It was the sweetest and the saddest at the same time. Logan had a good night at home. Andrew bathed him, grabbed some things and brought Whataburger back to the hospital for us and some friends (more on that later). Mom said that bedtime went smoothly and that Logan asked where I was, but didn't cry. What a big boy. I am so proud of how he's taking all of this "new."

Our first family photo

The next day mom brought Logan back up at lunch time. He was too distracted by all the buttons and the shower and the other visitors to eat anything. There were plenty of sweets available for him to fill himself up with. My friends know me well - bring sweets!

Lexie and Logan. Thanks for the chocolate heart lollipop, Lexie!
Logan had a lot of energy, so Andrew took him outside to the fountain to burn some. It was so sweet to watch them throw coins in from my room.

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Karyn Hatch said...

I'm glad things are going well with Logan...could be worse huh? I'm a little nervous about Presley's transition too...I think she's in for a BIG surprise any day now! :) You sure do have 2 precious boys though!