Wednesday, February 9, 2011

39 Weeks and a Mac

Here I am at 39 weeks (last Saturday). Aaron was supposed to be here a week early . . . we were told. Well, he's not. And its no big deal really because we know that God has great plans and we don't really get to know what they are. My appointment last week was cancelled for weather (more to come on that soon), so I went in yesterday to get a progress update. I was told that my body is as ready as it can be before actually going into labor.

Aaron is due on Sunday, February 13. He will be here Friday, February 11. My doctor is so great that she said I could wait it out or schedule it for convenience and comfort. While I did want the surprise of labor this time around, that was easier to say when we thought he would be an early surprise. Totally different story if I have to go past my due date. So I called Andrew and we picked Friday.

We'll have pictures up sometime that night I'm sure. Please keep us in your prayers. My biggest worry right now is about Logan. He is totally attached to me right now and I'm so sad that I will be away from him for 2 days. I know how sad he gets at bedtime when I'm not the one to put him down. And he has a hard time watching me hold other babies, too, so I think seeing me with Aaron will be hard for him. I just really need to find peace with it all and know that it will only take a few days of adjusting and he will be fine, right? Right.

Oh, and part of the reason that I'm so behind on blogging is because we got a new computer - a Mac! It is definitely taking some getting used to. I'm not a fan right now quite frankly because my picture storing system has changed, but I know I will love it soon. Andrew has been on it constantly trying to tag all our photos and figure things out so he can explain it all to me.


Anonymous said...

Although you are the cutest pregnant girl EVER, I sure can't wait to see Aaron! I will be praying for my other precious nephew for a smooth transition. LOVE YOU MUCH!!!

Katie said...

You look so precious. I am pulling for a baby today (my bday)!! Can't wait to see pics of your new precious boy.

Sami said...

You are so right, Logan will be a protective big-bro in the flash of any eye. Can't wait to meet little Aaron!

Karyn Hatch said...

You look great, Marlie! I'll be praying for everyone...can't wait to hear the good news!!!

The Runyons said...

Look how cute you are!!! I have the same fear about Isabella becoming a big sister ... however, just remember that having a sibling is such a great gift you are giving him. It will be an adjustment, but all will turn out wonderful. Love to all of you! XOXO