Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat?!

Logan went on his first trick or treat adventure last night. We walked our normal path through the neighborhood in the wagon just stopping at the houses of neighbors we knew (maybe 10 houses). Fortunately, we attended a block party on Friday, so knew lots more neighbors this weekend than last.

We practiced saying "trick or treat" before we left the house and by house 3 or so he had the hang of it - depending on how threatening the person who answered the door looked, of course. Our neighbors directly across the street was the first stop and they were very patient as we worked on the "thank you" part of getting candy. He seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and would just freeze. But like I said, he warmed up. Most houses received a thank you or a shy smile.

After each house, he would pull the candy out of his bag and say, "open it Mommy." He had several M&Ms on our journey.

We were supposed to be out with our friend Asher, but he was very ill this weekend. Poor Jenn spent today at the Dr. and ER with him. AND she has a one-week old baby, too.

Our friends and their daughter Olivia. Olivia and Logan go to the same school.

Logan and Mary-Claire

Not too sure about the floating head

A little blue evidence on his face

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