Sunday, November 7, 2010

Macie and Marlie's Visit

Our friends Mac and Ali brought their twin 16 month old girls up to see us this weekend. Aside from a quick trip to the zoo we stayed home wrangling children and watching football. TCU and ATM both won, so it was a good time.

We always have a great time with Mac and Ali, but the dynamic of our time together has changed substantially over the past 2 years. Now our memories are of chasing each other's children around and watching four adults scramble to clean up one childs vomit. It really is easier to raise children in a village though. The extra hands were appreciated by all!

Marlie had a one day bug, threw up once and ran a fever. She was a trooper though and Macie and Logan haven't caught it yet, so that's good.

Macie and Marlie are just getting the hang of walking. They are such sweet girls with very different personalities. Macie is crazy and the leader. Marlie is more laid back. Logan did a great job of sharing his toys and being nice. He was always asking where the other twin was. I don't think he ever figured out which was which.

Thanks for visiting friends! We'll head your way next time. . . with an infant!

The K Family

Ali and Marlie

Mac and Macie

Watching the chimps

Logan giving Marlie a hug. She's not that into it.

Best effort at a group shot after nap time

Logan and Macie

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