Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Baa-aaack!

As you'll notice, I've posted several entries tonight. I wasn't planning on getting around to this until next week, but our weekend company had to cancel their visit. Andrew's sister and her family was to arrive yesterday from Omaha, but Olivia had a high fever and was really under the weather, so they had to cancel. We are sad and we miss them, but are glad we will get to see them in 5 weeks in Omaha.

My sister just left on Wednesday. She and her kiddos drove down from Colorado for 9 days and split the time between here and San Antonio. Only 2 of her 3 made the trip because they, too, had a sick kiddo on departure day. We missed you so much, Titus, but I heard you had lots of fun at home. I didn't take a single picture of their visit, but Amy and my parents took lots, so as soon as they share (eh hem!) I'll put 'em up and write about it.

Logan turned 19 months on June 20. He is a talkaholic and a climber. Some of his new words/phrases include: Colorado, don't want it, touch it?, reeeach, light on/off, [frog] go? (as in where did the [whatever] go?) He says the names of all his friends and teachers at school. It is all so clear, too.

What is blowing us away right now is how he matches shapes. We have a shape box with 9 shapes (thanks Karyn!) and he knows them all. No joke. Oval and diamond are his favorite, but he struggles the most with getting the diamond in the box. We were standing in the kitchen the other day and he pointed to the wood work around the bookshelf and said, "diamond." Seriously?! Yes! And then pointed to another cut out, "triangle?" Then he was looking at a book of shapes last night and pointed to an oval and said "oval." I was across the room, folks. I didn't prompt this brilliance. This could be very normal for all kids his age, but I don't have any to compare it to, so I just think he's a genius. But I am his mother.

Logan had two swim lessons this month. We had a lady from church who has taught swim for years come to the house and help us on some different skills we can work on. Logan wasn't to into it, but I learned a lot of games and songs that I find useful.

And we can't have a post without a picture, so here's our turtle friend who came for another visit a few weeks ago.

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