Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy 2011!

I can't believe we're 2 weeks into 2011 already! Andrew brought in the new year with his buddies in Pasadena cheering the Frogs to their Rose Bowl victory. GO FROGS! I was sad to miss the big game, but we decided I was just a little too pregnant to tag along. Logan woke up from his nap just after kick off and we enjoyed watching the first half together. He really sat still and watched most of it - I was shocked. At half-time we walked across the street to cheer them on with our neighbors. Most of our neighbors are empty nesters now, so they were happy to entertain my toddler for a while.

Ms. Roberta had festive cupcakes and Logan's diaper the next morning was festive as well. I opened it and all I could think was, "go frogs!?"

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