Thursday, March 18, 2010

Palm Desert 2010

We got back from our trip late Sunday night. I think daylight savings worked in our favor with the 2 hour time difference. Logan adjusted easily on each end of our trip. This year's visit was much easier than last year - traveling with a 4 month old who gave us all the stomach bug.

Logan's older cousins were a huge help as they followed him around the house and played with him. I enjoyed the help and was able to relax a little.

The weather was cooler than normal with the highs in the 70s. Olivia and Addi thought that was plenty warm to swim, but Logan and I didn't agree. I tried to get in with him one afternoon and we both chickened out. He looks so cute in his new swimsuit, though, so get ready for summer photos!

While we were there Andrew shot his best round of golf EVER! 2 under par. I don't remember what course, but I'm sure he will! I just have to brag on him. . .

Andrew and the guys took the kiddos up the mountain on the tram one afternoon. And the girls had many fun adventures during the other days. We went to the children's museum, the park, the street fair and the mall to ride the train. And one morning several ladies (and some guys) from Omaha came to see the kids since they don't get to see them regularly. Judy does a great job keeping them updated though. All 3 were on their best behavior and showed off all their tricks.

Logan's favorite word on the trip - you guessed it! Ball! He said it differently out there, which was so weird. "Bawelll" instead of his normal "Baw" I think he's back to normal. Bob and Judy had a big exercise ball that entertained him much of the trip. There are so many new things Logan is doing, but I'll post those on Saturday's post - 16 months. sigh.

with cousins Addi and Olivia

chasing ducks at the park

pushing buttons at the children's museum

family picture

relaxing in the hammock

such a good boy in the plane (thanks to the guy who moved seats so we could have the extra!)

fun with chalk

cousin Addison

riding the train with the cousins

I like it better by myself

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