Sunday, March 21, 2010

16 Months

Logan, Logan, Logan. I don't know quite where to start on this month's post. There's just so much to cover that I don't want to miss any of it. This month, more than any other so far, I feel that Logan has grown and learned too much for me to take in.

"All boy" are the words that come to mind. I laugh as I type that because just tonight Andrew and I were talking about how fun it is to have such a boy. Right then, Logan burped and got on his dump truck. And just last week when we were in the airport a 3 year old little girl was so nice to try to share her doll with Logan. It was American Girl sized and dressed in a puffy blue dress. She held it out for him to hold and I wish so badly I could've captured the look on his face. Confused. Disgusted. Completely uninterested. Then he pointed to his basketball and ran off. All boy.

And he screams as of last week. SCREEEEAAMS. Not angry screams - he just likes to scream. . . loudly and in a spine-shivering high pitch. All the time. We think it is hilarious, but the people around our table at lunch today probably didn't think so. I don't think we'll be going out much until this is under control. Andrew and I took turns walking outside with Logan.

Logan doesn't sit still much, either. Must. be. moving. Must. be. climbing. Logan uses a stool he got for his birthday to get on our couch. Today he pretended he was going to hug me and used me to get on the couch. Stinker. He also likes to hang out in the space between our couch and living room window. There's probably a good 12" gap back there. He stands up on the window sill and plays peek-a-boo with us.

Logan will, however, sit down for long periods of time to read his books. He'll pull 15 or 20 books off his shelf and sit in the middle of them all going from one to the other pointing out all the objects he recognizes and saying the sound or word where applicable. His most treasured book right now is Ten Tiny Tadpoles. He loves the pop-up at the end when all the tadpoles have turned to frogs. "Ogs, ogs" And sometimes if we open that page really fast before he's ready for it he gets startled. So cute.

And lock your doors, friends, if you don't want company in the bathroom. Logan has mastered our doors. We have the pull down handles, not the knobs, and he enjoys opening and closing them all and playing more peek-a-boo.

I took Logan for his first dentist appointment on Friday. He did as well as you might imagine a 1-year-old would do with a stranger poking around in his mouth. And now he won't let me brush his teeth. I'm tempted to stop fighting him and just give him a week off to forget about it all. But I won't really do that, because I'm slightly obsessed with dental hygiene. 2 molars on the left side. 2 more coming any day on the right. 8 front teeth.

Now lets move on to how quick he is. He full-out runs (usually just swinging his left arm). I stripped him down for a bath the other night (a bubble bath - he likes them now), turned around for just a split second to test the water temperature and by the time I caught him he was all the way across the house. He ran right past the camera, so I grabbed it en route.

New animal sounds include snake, gorilla (complete with chest pounding), owl, shark (dun nuh, dun nuh), and wolf. His words are getting clearer and there are many times he's really trying to tell me something, but I feel so terrible because I have no idea what he's saying. New words include bubble, cheers and cheese (which sound the same), train, and "choo choo" and flag. He points to trains and flags whenever we see them. He does and hand motion for a flag waving in the wind and tries to say it. I know what he's saying.


Logan, we thank God every day for giving us you. You're the best baby we could've ever asked for and we feel so blessed to get to be a part of your life. You are a constant joy and we are so enjoying your silliness, your energy and your curiosity. We love you so much big boy!


Amy Cheshire said...

God, I love that kid! I wish we lived in the same city. I wish we lived in the same state! But thank you so much for posting as regularly as you do!

Love you, Logan!

Aunt Amy

Mimi said...

Logan, I miss you so much since you left Palm Desert. The house is very quiet with the 3 children gone. I love your picture in the St. Patrick's shirt........I love the pictures of you at Jackalope playing..........Hugs and Kisses,