Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very White Christmas

We are home from a very, very, very white Christmas in Omaha. The most snow they've had at Christmas since 1941. We finally made it out of town on Christmas Day at 1 PM, only 19 hours after we were supposed to get there. We are fortunate, though, to not have had to sleep in the airport like many families had done. Can you imagine?!

Omaha was beautiful and COVERED in snow. We didn't get out much, and it was very relaxing. Bob and Judy were SO nice to let us get lots of rest while they watched Logan. Thank you!!!

Logan enjoyed playing with his cousins who follow him everywhere (which makes my job easier!) and we were all busy watching him climb up and down stairs. He's great at "up" and is very good at "feet first" when he's coming down.

PB&J is Logan's new favorite food. He has devoured an entire sandwich the several times I have given him one. We cut them in 4 strips and he squishes them all in one hand and tries to put them all in his mouth. I guess he's worried one of us will take a slice when he's not looking.

We dressed him up in full snow-gear one day just for pictures. He wasn't too happy about it. We were planning to go sledding, but there was too much snow for that to even be enjoyable.

It was a good time once we got there and we are sad to have to go back to work tomorrow. A long weekend is ahead, though, with a Horned Frog victory at the end!

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