Sunday, August 22, 2010


The best shot of the kids - pretty good we think!

Thomas Family 2010

The photographer was scheduled for 7:30 pm - almost bedtime. The younger kids were tough to get, so they're captured most happily in motion. Notice poor Logan's untucked shirt and red cheeks. He was hot and tired, but pretty much a big trooper.
Olivia and Addi are so sweet to Logan. They adore following him around and being right there with him all the time. He is mobile and vocal now so he is able to tell them when he's had enough. He talks about Addi and "Liva" all the time now.
The photographer couldn't get a good one of Mimi and Grandpa with the grandkids, so this was taken Sunday before we left town.

Andrew talks all the time about how he burried some matchbox cars in his front yard when he was a kid. On Sunday morning while I was packing the rest of the family was outside watching him dig them up. He remembered just where he'd put them. I just think its neat that he got to dig them up with Logan. I bet he never would've imagined at age 10 that he would one day dig them up with his son.

Sunday brunch outside
Yogurt face

Three Generations

At the farm. . .

Bob's brother Bill and his wife Margaret. Cousin Molly and husband Mike and their kids Cole and Jordan. I'm so lucky to be related to these super wonderful people!

Lunch with the big kids

Cousin Cole is very mature for his age. A kind and responsible young man. He was so great with Logan and is always nice to take everyone on gator rides.

Great corn!

At the zoo. . .

For Logan's 1st Birthday, Bob and Judy bought him a bronze butterfly at the zoo to support the butterfly exhibit. It has his name on it.

Logan rode this golf cart for several long stretches of time during our trip. One afternoon we're pretty sure we saw him doze off a few times while driving. He was pushing the pedal himself and we would crank the wheel so that he could just go in circles.

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Molly Carlson said...

We really appreciate the effort you all made to come "down" to the farm. It is so fun seeing everyone and how much Logan has grown! You are such a special family and we love you all! The Carlsons