Tuesday, September 2, 2008

29 weeks. . .

. . and you can hardly tell I'm pregnant! Right? Right.

Is anyone noticing a pattern with my hair? If you said pony tail, messy, messy pony tail then you win! I'll share a cookie next time I see you. Maybe.

Mom and Dad were in this weekend for Labor Day. The had been to Paris, TX for Sunday service and stopped in for a couple days on their way home. I had plenty of projects to keep them busy. Dad and Andrew painted the office/fitness room. (I'll give them credit, but please note that no one got pictures of me cutting in EVERY wall and painting two walls all by myself!) Our elliptical machine was in Logan's room and needed a new home, so we did some furniture shuffling and made it all work. And, as many of you know, furniture shuffling is my dad's specialty! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help this weekend!


Anne said...

And then he came home and started moving stuff around here. Mom

Sara said...

You look cute, I hope you are feeling good. I miss being pregnant. Jeff would not be happy if we got pregnant again!